1. Out of the insight in karma and reincarnation, a new justice comes into being.
  2. No one shall impair other people’s freedom, privacy or belongings.
  3. Only he/she who, through insight, innocence and experience, is above all parties, has the right to pass judgement.
  4. If the boundaries of freedom, privacy or property have been trespassed upon through karmic (or other) necessity, this does not automatically lead to a conviction.
  5. Every human being is entitled to have engagements with others.
  6. He/she is entirely responsible for his/her part in the engagements made.
  7. Every one is free to speak (or learn to speak) the language he/she wants.
  8. There is freedom of convictions.
  9. Everyone has the right to cross the borders of a country or culture.
  10. Nobody can claim maintenance by others.
  11. Everyone is free to contribute to the maintenance of others.
  12. Everyone is free to contribute to the costs of state and law.

Jan Pieter de Kok
Aquarel, 1998